Under the Couch and Around the Corner (2011 vs. 2012)

2012 is not the year of the dragon, it’s the year of the dust bunny.

This is the first post of the new year, welcome 2012. Like many other people and blogs, the start of a new year brings up a time for reflection and vision planning. So this post will be divided up between Under the Couch (Where We’ve Been) and Around the Corner (Where We’re Going).

2011: Under the Couch

Looking back at it all, when 2011 started I barely had a clue on what the Dust Bunny Mafia as a brand was. The dust bunnies were barely 3 months old, a simple site was up and there was a lot of unknown variables in the equation. But as time progressed, the dust bunnies have matured and learned a lot in the mean time.

Connection is important. Whether it is in person, through social media, blogs or other mediums, businesses are built on connections/relationships. These same connections can be the determining factor on whether the business strengthens or collapses.

Never underestimate personal projects. Some of my best work from this year came from personal portfolio projects. I’ve had a great year working with some really talented people and been able to learn and grow my brand greatly, but sometimes the projects worth the most aren’t measured in dollar bills.

2012: Around the Corner

The new year presents plenty of unknown things, but I am excited to see where it takes us.

The first thing that I plan to do is get back to the essentials. A few months ago, I was so focused on creating new characters and setting up a whole line-up of new creations without first really establishing the original 6 dust bunnies (Jimmy, Frankie, Benny, Vic, Vinnie and Leo).

This year I plan to: Establish the foundation of the original 6 Dust Bunny Mafia members, focus on expanding into new projects that both challenge my skills and expand my abilities, and finally I plan to get a Dust Bunny Mafia web-comic up and running steadily, probably once a week.

Three things, I can do that in 2012. What do you have planned for 2012?

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