Gathering Dust and Priorities

Sal "Bolts" with a broom and dust panToday, we clean.

This blog has been on an unexpected hiatus for the past few months, 3 to be exact since the last post.

In that time, the dust bunnies have been getting into plenty of trouble elsewhere on the internet. They’ve taken a real liking to social media, as you can now find them on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr too. With all their activities elsewhere online, I’ve neglected this blog = “been working hard at developing the characters and fleshing out stories for them.”

With everything in life, there seems to not be enough time to do everything you want. Rightly so, you have to choose where to spend your time. I have chosen to use my time the past few months to dedicate the free time I have available to the comics of the dust bunnies.

I hope to be more dedicated to this blog in the future, but as for the present time, it seems that the comic strip is of a higher precedence than the blog. Words are great, but for the dust bunnies, pictures connect better with people than the mere words of this blog, so the pictures will continue.

What have you neglected recently and what other thing received the newly freed time?

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